Would Pymlo work for our Coffee chain, we have 7 locations- 6 in Bangkok and 1 in Chiang Mai?
Yes, absolutely! With Pymlo’s flexible features, you can have up to 10 users and unlimited # of business locations/operational offices.
Do I need to install the software like MS Office?
No! Pymlo works on your computer/laptop/mobile browser via secured Amazon servers.
What is cloud-software?
Software that does not need installation from a CD-disk or USB stick. Use fully developed software in your browser without limitations to the power of your computer, devise you are using or where you are located (access the data when you are travelling and not in the office)
Where can I download Pymlo?
You don’t have to! Just click on the “Sign-up” button in the overhead menu to create your new account and use Pymlo in your browser.
Does Pymlo work on my MacBook, or only Windows?
Pymlo works with Mac, Windows, Linux, and any other platforms. Just open your browser and start working.
Who are your customers?
Bars, restaurants, coffee shops, startups, manufacturing plants, auto shops, fitness centers, clothing stores, toy stores, ice-cream shops, online electronic stores and many others.
Can your accounting software be good for export/import companies in Thailand?
Yes, we have numbers of importer and exporters customers who love flexibility of Pymlo platform to do their international business!
How many companies are using Pymlo?
Over 1,000 and it’s growing fast!
What markets do you serve?
Being from and in Thailand, our main focus in locally, but we do have customers from Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and other countries in the region who love our platform and use it at least couple of times a week.
Why you are better than other cloud solutions on the market?
Pymlo is the only completed back-end accounting service on the SE Asian market. Our platform provides a full range of services from inventory management to invoices on-the-go (sent from your mobile phone) to business reports. While other services may sound complete- they lack lots of vital functions to run your business smoothly.
Do you help with monthly Government reporting?
Yes, being from Thailand, we know what small businesses need for the government reporting in SE Asia. Make a beautiful tax and inventory reports with Pymlo and send them to your designated accountant for a sign-off.
Can different users use the platform in the different languages?
Absolutely, currently we have platform in 5 languages- Thai, Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese and English. Each user based of his/hers preference can use Pymlo in native language. More a are coming!
Will you expands outside of SE Asia
In the long run, yes. But for next 5 years our only focus is in SE Asia!
Do you have mobile app for iOS or Android phones?
Android app is coming in a few months, iOS would take slightly longer!
What features should we expect in the future?
Project Management, Timesheets, Payroll and many others!
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