Stop wasting time chasing customers for money

Pymlo is partnered with PayPal to help your business to get payments faster.
The most essential financial metric for small businesses is cash flow control and achieved with faster payments. Pymlo helps you to get a greater start!

Connect Pymlo and PayPal to make it simple


Connect to PayPal

Connect to your own PayPal account or sign up a new one via Pymlo's setting page. The in-context sign-up flow will guide you through the setup step by step and ensures a smooth experience.

Send Invoices

The future invoices sent to your customers will come with View Online buttons for them to view and pay the invoice instantly online.

Receive Payments

Besides PayPal balances, your customers can choose to pay with major debit or credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Book Updated

After payments are made, the details will be fed back to your accounting data on Pymlo. Transaction and payment details will be recorded automatically, and the invoices marked paid.

Get paid on the spot
with Pymlo’s invoice

In average, invoices with options of paying with Paypal and/or credit cards are paid up to 4 times faster!

Preferred rates for Pymlo users

Yes, you can set up Paypal accounts and receive payments all by yourself...
But you won’t get the best rates we offer for domestic and cross-border payments through Pymlo!
We are not only trying to improve the speed of you getting money but also how low the commission you will pay!